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On this page you will find information about proposed new issues, news about developments within Palestine Posts such as opening of new post offices, and anything else relating to Palestinian Authority stamps which we think will interest you.
This page last updated - 17th February 2018

New Issues 2018
The programme for 2018 West Bank (Ramallah) issues will be made public in April.
There will be 11 new issues during the year.The first ones will be available as from April and will appear on the website in June.

GAZA, 3 October 2017:
The latest political development of the meeting of the Palestinian governments in Gaza appears to be a serious step toward reconciliation between the Palestinian factions.
We learned from Gaza Post that a set of new stamps, which should have been issued in Gaza in September, was postponed due to the governmental meetings.
Maybe the time of the separate postal system in Gaza is coming to an end, but the main thing is to see an improvement in the situation of the people of Gaza.

A new Gaza issue "World Post Day" planned for release in October 2016 is expected to be released 'within ten days or so' according to Gaza Posts.
(This message dated 8th February)


01/03/2017   Poet F. Touqan. - 2 stamps + fdc : S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]
05/04/2017   Iris flower - 1 stamp + fdc : S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]
01/06/2017   National Industries: Stone. 1 S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]
17/07/2017   The Dead Sea. 1 S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]
25/08/2017   Palm Trees and Dates. 3 stamps + fdc : S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]
09/10/2017   World Post Day. 1 stamp + fdc [issued as scheduled]
14/12/2017   Palestinian Teachers' Day. 2 stamps + fdc : S/S + fdc [issued as scheduled]

Palestinian History in Postage Stamps
Now Updated

The book has 493 pages with hundreds of colour illustrations of stamps

Size of book: 27 x 27 x 4 cms
10 x 10 x 1 ins approx

Weight: 2,75 kilos

ISBN: 978 - 9953 - 453 - 39 - 2

Price: 100 US$

The first book to display and examine Palestinian stamps in detail, with a bilingual Arabic and English text.
The first part of the book surveys the history of postage in Palestine and of the stamps issued in Palestine during various eras.
The second part displays most, if not all, of the stamps issued by the countries of the world about Palestine and the Palestinian cause

Follow this link for further details about the book

Palestinian History in Postage Stamps

To order the book directly email
(This is not a live link)

What an adventure!

It was 1st May 2016 that I first met Jan, by arrangement, at my hotel in Jerusalem. We then caught the bus to Ramallah, and the adventure started. We were based at a family-run guest house in Jifna (biblical Ophni from Judges 18:24). Waleed joined us most days and Manhal also joined us for a short time. The thing that connected us was the fact that we all collect stamps of the Palestinian Authority, whether it is mint stamps, used stamps, covers, cancellations or whatever. I have a full collection of the mint stamps and my main aim was to find some of them used. As there are no stamp shops in Palestine, the only way to find used stamps is to buy them mint and use them on envelopes. In our time in Palestine we travelled north to south, east to west and visited about two dozen post offices as well as the main philatelic office in Al-Bireh. The staff of every post office we visited offered us coffee, and three even sent out for a take-away lunch for us. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. Every post office simply handed over their books of stamps for us to peruse at leisure. We even got to place the cancellations on our envelopes ourselves to make sure they were readable. Apart from stamp collecting, we also visited Jacob's Well at Nablus, Hisham's Palace at Jericho, Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, Mar Saba Monastery and various other well-known places. We had a full tour of Hebron, including Abraham's tomb, and then our guide, Kifa, who is in charge of the Philatelic Bureau, took us to a very fashionable restaurant and bought us lunch. Although we had to pass through several Israeli checkpoints, and couldn't visit a few places because our hired car had Palestinian number plates, we were never in danger and saw no unrest between Palestinians and Israelis. I hope this inspires others to join the tour next year.
David Hague.

[We intend to run another tour in May 2018. Please email for details.]

Posted 18 July 2016

Official opening day of the new Biddu Post Office on 12th August 2015.

6 Kilometres north-east of Jerusalem the post office opened originally on 22 June 2005 but moved to a renewed building on 14 December 2014.

Photographs courtesy of Palestine Post
(Place mouse pointer on pictures to enlarge)
Posted 25th August 2015

Post Offices now open in Gaza
(Many were destroyed during the Israeli bombardment)

North Gaza Strip:
Jabalya Camp; Beit Hanun; Beit Lahia

Gaza City:
Omar el Mukhtar;    El Shati;     El Shijaia

Middle Gaza Strip:
Deir el Balah;     Al Nuseirat;    El Buraij

South Gaza Strip:
Khan Yunis;     Bani Suhayla;     Rafah;    Tal el Soltan

Posted 16 May 2015
[Stamp values in Mils]

22/03/2016   Water in Palestine   Set of 2, [Issued 8th August]
22/03/2016   Water in Palestine   S/S - Block [Issued 8th August]
27/03/2016   Nativity Star      One stamp;    [Issued]
01/05/2016   International Workers Day   Set of 2 [Issued]
01/05/2016   International Workers Day   S/S - Block [Issued]
21/05/2016   Solomon's Pools   Set of 2, [Issued 8th August]
21/05/2016   Solomon's Pools   S/S - Block [Issued 8th August]
03/07/2016   Fish in the Mediterranean   [Issued]
30/09/2016   Flag Day
15/11/2016   Definitives   Set of 3 stamp   200, 1400, 4500
18/12/2016   Arabic Caligraphy Day   Set of 2   250, 420
18/12/2016   Arabic Caligraphy Day   S/S - Block -MS   1800

Original Post 26 April 2016
Update 22nd September 2016
The Ministry of Communication and Information
Technology have issued
a set of stamps commemorating
"World Telecommunications & Information Society Day"

General Post Manager Selim Haraz Allah
said that the stamps will be available
at all post offices in Gaza and used
for mailing to all parts of the world.
The set contains three stamps plus a miniature sheet (block)
Available from this website
[See Gaza page]

Posted 17th May 2016

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