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    This page updated on
     18th October 2017  

                              How to place your order

     Each item has an identification number
      shown in red
      Gaza issues - G-00 to G-122
      West Bank issues 1 to 372

     [1] Email us the identification number[s]
           of the items you wish to buy.

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                Shipping costs in Euros

                0-20 grams........ 0,78
                20-50 grams...... 1,56
                50-100 grams.... 2,34
                100-250 grams.. 3,12
                Registered mail: 8,35

                Other countries:
                0-20 grams........ 1,33
                20-50 grams...... 2,66
                50-100 grams.... 3,99
                100-250 grams.... 6,65

                Registered mail
                 Europe 1:   11,95
                 Europe 2:   13,95
            Rest of world:   16,95


Jerusalem, Capital of Arabic Culture
Issued 17 March 2009

Complete sheet of nine x 1000 Fils stamps

G-05 - 150.00

Lindner illustrated albums

    Lindner illustrated album with new pages (with stamps): 1994 1998. Last page is number 16.
(More empty illustrated pages - and stamps - can be ordered). Colour: green.
Price: 165 (ex shipping)

Schaubek albums

We can supply SCHAUBEK albums with illustrated pages for all your West bank and Gaza stamps.
Please send an email to us at for more information.

Mint Palestinian Authority (West Bank) collection 1994 2015 inclusive
in 2 Lindner albums.

First album: 1994-2013; second album 2014 and 2015.
Price 750 . ex. shipping.

Pal. Auth. also issued 9 items that are not shown on the Lindner album pages:
Palstamps numbers 37, 62, 66, 70, 96, 100, 104, 161, 211.
These items are available, on neutral Lindner pages: price 90 .

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