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    This page updated on
     3rd June 2020  

     Catalogue Details

     Size A4 -   21 x 30 cms - 8 x 11 ins

     20 pages with a total of 387 images of stamps
     and miniature sheets issued by many countries
     from Abu Dhabi to Yemen

     17 listings pages with details and our prices
      + descriptions sent with the catalogue, or by
      email as an Excel file (17 pages).

     Spiral bound

     Transparent protective sheets on front & back

     Catalogue Price

     10 Euros + postage.

      Order your catalogue by emailing

     Many items in the catalogue are for sale
     and prices are shown in the listings pages.

     To order, use the reference numbers shown
     beneath the illustrations in the catalogue.

     Our standard shipping costs and conditions apply
     to stamp purchases.

   Information about the stamps (and size of the souvenir sheets)
   can be found in the info-list that accompanies this illustrated
   The info list can also be sent to you by email as a WORD-file;
   (easy to print)

    The themes we used to choose the stamps are:

      Freedom for Palestine
      Deir Yassin
      Sabra and Shatila
      Dome of the Rock
      Al Aksa
      Support for Palestine
      Freedom fighters

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